Air & Gas Driven Pumps

McFarland-Tritan, LLC's positive displacement reciprocating plunger pumps are durable and reliably engineered as a hydrostatic test pump and chemical metering pump. Intrinsically safe, due to their non-electric air/gas driven design, these pumps use corrosion resistant materials for use in difficult and hazardous areas, such as offshore oil/gas platforms. McFarland-Tritan, LLC offers air operated/gas driven pumps in sizes ranging from the single head plunger pump, Mac-24, for intermediate high pressure testing and injection, to larger versions at higher pressures and dual stage pumps, Mac-14 and Mac-28 Two-Stage. See descriptions below for sizes in between.

Each pressure testing or injection application has characteristics that affect accuracy, including fluid compressibility, viscosity, and line length, among others. McFarland-Tritan, LLC will help select the displacement reciprocating pump that provides the pressure, displacement, and cycle rate you require and adjust it under actual site conditions according to your requirements. When choosing your air operated/gas driven plunger pump, have in mind your desired output per hour. Select the smallest pump capable of achieving the output flow rate within the maximum number of strokes per minute. See the charts below for details. Please contact us for sizing for pressures and flow rates not shown.

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Mac 14

Pressure: up to 13,370 PSI
Flow: up to 38,070 Gal/Day

MAC 24

Pressure: up to 30,765 PSI
Flow: up to 7,052 Gal/Day

Mac 26

Pressure: up to 39,177 PSI
Flow: up to 7,052 Gal/Day

MAC 28 Single Stage

Pressure: up to 16,507 PSI
Flow: up to 43,186 Gal/Day

Mac 28 Two Stage

Pressure: up to 16,507 PSI
Flow: up to 43,186 Gal/Day

MAC A-15-26

Pressure: up to 80,640 PSI
Flow: up to 9.79 Gal/Min