chemical injection

A Metering pump is a  pump used  for chemical injection application is used to pump chemicals at  adjustable  flow rates which are averaged over time. The delivery of fluids in precise adjustable flow rates is sometimes called metering. The term "metering pump" is based on the application or use rather than the exact kind of pump used, although a couple types of pumps are far more suitable than most other types of pumps.
In addition to being used for chemical injection and other solutions, metering pumps can be used for water. Many metering pumps are rated to be able to pump into a high discharge pressure, and are typically made to meter at flow rates which are continuous when averaged over time. We provide each of our models of metering pumps with a maximum discharge pressure rating against which each model is guaranteed to be able to pump against. We also ensure that the pressure, temperature ratings and wetted pump materials are appropriate for its application.

Avoiding leakage at the packing or seal is accomplished by using diaphragm pumps for metering. Diaphragm pumps have a diaphragm through which repeated compression/decompression motion is transmitted. This motion changes the volume of a chamber in the pump head, therefore allowing air to enter and exit via check valves.
Our diaphragm pumps offers patented, heavy-duty gear reducer system for superior performance. Hydraulically actuated diaphragm minimizes diaphragm fatigue. Built-in hydraulic relief valve protects the pump. Stroke rate easily automated using variable-speed drive.