Working with state-of-the art technology, McFarland-Tritan, LLC has the facilities, knowledge, and expertise to help you find the right spare part that will meet your specific needs. A complete line of spare pump parts for all McFarland-Tritan, LLC, Stonebor and Tritan pumps are available. A general assembly drawing and bill of material available for all pumps available upon request.

To avoid equipment or manpower downtime, which can be costly, you may wish to have McFarland-Tritan, LLC spare pump parts on hand for use when needed. In addition to providing individual parts, we are pleased to advise you on "recommended spares" for your spare pump part. Simply let us know what timeframe you wish to ensure spare pump parts coverage for and we will produce a recommended spares list for your McFarland-Tritan, LLC system. You will enjoy the advantages of lower overall cost, greater convenience, and will avoid waiting for parts to arrive. Email us your questions, or place your pump parts order by phone, fax, or by personal visits to the factory, or through authorized McFarland-Tritan, LLC dealers or reps around the world.

McFarland-Tritan, LLC was founded in the early 1950s as an original equipment manufacturer of positive displacement reciprocating pumps and systems. Products include chemical injection pumps and systems, high-pressure water jetting pumps, and hydrostatic testing pumps and systems. The major markets are the agriculture, marine industry, electric power, miscellaneous markets, resale sales where end-user is known, export, mining, defense, petroleum - distribution, petroleum- transportation, food industry, chemical industry, and petroleum refining.

You can rely on spare pump parts support from McFarland-Tritan, LLC in three Categories:

  • Timely Replacement Pump Parts Service for replacement pump parts in the McFarland-Tritan, LLC inventory


  • Vendor Pump Parts Service for spare pump parts which must be ordered from vendors for McFarland-Tritan, LLC


  • Manufactured Spare Pump Parts Service for custom pump parts which McFarland-Tritan, LLC must design and engineer